Our Mission

Faith in Diversity Institute is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to promoting the spiritual growth of individuals and communities by seeking and celebrating cross-cultural bonds, and combatting the patterns of religious ignorance, intolerance, and manipulation that weakens them. With the fundamental premise that what unites us is of greater importance than what separates us, and that a Universal Being or Consciousness (by whatever name it may be called) must, by definition, be apparent and accessible in all traditions, the goals of FID are three-fold:

:: To engage in and support responsible comparison of the foundational texts and practices of the world’s religions thematically, seeking to understand their common denominators without ignoring the differences.

:: To educate the general public as to the results of this exploration by making the content of world scripture and spiritual practice accessible and intelligible on a grass roots and experiential level.

:: To educate leaders and people in policy-making positions in both the public and private sector, so that the prevailing models of cultural and religious domination can be replaced by mutual acknowledgement and cooperation for the common good.

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